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Welcome to DAPI

The Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. (DAPI) is an alternative fresh start for pregnant teens to receive the health and social services they need to continue their education during and after their pregnancy.



To empower youth pregnant and parenting teens to achieve their dreams for themselves and their children.


The Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc. (DAPI) provides a standards-based education for pregnant and parenting teens
with unique outreach, mentoring and supportive services promoting empowerment and self-sufficiency.


  • Empowering young women

  • Connecting with the community

  • Collaboration

  • Passion and Caring

  • Making a difference

The Delaware Adolescent Program, Inc works with Passion and Care to Empower Young Women by Encouraging their Academic Achievement. We Collaborate with other agencies and Connect them with our Community and other support systems to Make a Difference in their lives.

Encouraging Academic Achievement- We will provide quality, standardized education to ensure that our students can graduate from high school and we will encourage and provide tools for the pursuit of higher education.

Empowering Young Women- We will arm our young women with the knowledge, skills and motivation to overcome obstacles and help their families to thrive.

Connecting and Collaborating with the community- We will partner with others to maximize our resources in order to create a culture of collaboration and broaden our reach.

Passion and Caring-We will maintain a positive environment of passion and care for the students and their families. We will include the teen dads in our education and mentoring whenever possible in order to encourage strong father/child relationships.

Making a Difference- We will nurture and guide our students to be healthy, productive and contributing members of society.

I am:

The National Women's Law Center just released the groundbreaking new report,
When Girls Don't Graduate, We All Fail: A Call to Improve High School Graduation Rates for Girls. The report finds that one in four girls drops out of school, and that one-quarter to one-third of female dropouts say that pregnancy or becoming a parent played a role in their decision to drop out. Female dropouts earn significantly lower wages than male dropouts, are at greater risk of unemployment, and are more likely to rely on public support programs.

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